Meet Our Team

Alex Monaco

Solicitor-Advocate (All Higher Courts) & CEO

"I believe that everyone should have easy access to legal knowledge, so they can live freely in a complex world. "

Helen Alty

Senior Employment Solicitor

"My focus is to secure the best solution for employees facing challenging work situations. I am committed to delivering strong, effective and reassuring advice to support and guide individuals through the complex area of employment law."

Gordon Quilty

Senior Employment Solicitor

"I have a passion for access to justice. I find it really rewarding to use my skills to advise employees on their employment law issues and to work with them to help to achieve the best possible outcome."

Sundeep Bhatia

Senior Employment Solicitor

"The quest for promoting equality and diversity for employees runs through my veins. I have always had a passionate interest in employment law and I've successfully practised it since 2003."

Sarah O’Brien

Senior Employment Solicitor

"I offer professional guidance and practical solutions to individuals in challenging employment situations. I am passionate about helping people understand their legal rights and achieving the best outcomes for their circumstances. "

Joel Smith

Senior Employment Solicitor

"My expert legal skills can help you understand your legal rights and how to use them in negotiations to get the best possible outcome. My extensive litigation experience means I can also advise you on taking your case to a tribunal if need be."

Rubel Bashir

Senior Employment Solicitor

"I have represented diverse clients at all levels. Delivering effective and results-driven solutions is at the heart of my practice and I thoroughly enjoy helping individuals challenge wrongdoing in the workplace."

Paul Young

Senior Employment Solicitor

"Pragmatic and expert advice to help you get the best outcome for whatever challenges you are facing at work."

Chloe Holmes

Trainee Solicitor

"Being a trainee gives me the opportunity to be closely involved in the running of clients cases. With the guidance and mentorship of senior colleagues, I have successfully negotiated numerous settlement offers, achieving positive results."

Anca Cristea

Trainee Solicitor

"I am fast developing my knowledge and expertise in this complex area of law through involvement in real-life cases. I have the satisfaction in making a real difference to my clients' lives and find it incredibly rewarding."

Tolulope Adefeso

Trainee Solicitor

"Access to justice is a fundamental value that plays a vital role in making the world a better place. As a trainee solicitor, I have the privilege of contributing to this cause by helping employees to navigate and resolve workplace issues."

Simrath Singh

Trainee Solicitor

"Being a trainee solicitor enables me to provide access to justice to employees in desperate need. My fast-growing knowledge of employment law means I can work with clients every day to help them achieve the best possible outcomes."

Angelo Balabanov

Trainee Solicitor

"As a dedicated trainee solicitor, I am committed to providing top-quality legal advice. My knowledge of employment law and effective communication in negotiating disputes makes me an asset to those facing workplace challenges."

Fiammetta De Leo

Trainee Solicitor

"As a trainee solicitor, I am dedicated to giving individuals a voice and advocating for their rights. I firmly believe in providing access to justice and securing tailored settlements for clients in vulnerable circumstances."

Abinaya Kulasingam

Trainee Solicitor

"As a trainee solicitor, I have an insatiable passion for justice and my core values lie within helping others. Employment law, to me, is not just a profession; it's a commitment to upholding justice and ensuring every individual's employment rights."

Malik Khabbazeh

Trainee Solicitor

"At Monaco Solicitors, my work has a really meaningful purpose: to empower employees in their dealings with employers. As part of a team, I enjoy helping ensure access to justice and making a real difference to people’s lives."

We are proud to say
Ellie Reeves MP

One of our very own lawyers here at Monaco Solicitors from April 2016 to June 2017, is now MP for Lewisham West and Penge.

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