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About us

Our mission is to increase access to justice for individuals who have been treated badly at work. 

We strive to achieve this mission both through first-class representation and through publishing legal knowledge online, through video, written work and interactive apps.

Our clients are employees from a wide variety of backgrounds, including manual workers, junior staff, managers and executives, professionals, directors and partners.

We are the biggest employment law specialist firm in the UK representing individuals only – never the employer. As such we have developed innovative techniques for helping our clients obtain fair outcomes.



Thousands of happy clients have turned bad situations into fair outcomes with our help. We have received over 200 Google reviews and over 300 Reviews.io, for example:

…I recommend Monaco purely on the basis of my experience. I would check their fab tutorials online initially too, to gain advice on the process and templates to assist if you are completely stuck on what to do. I honestly watched and used this free service which helped me focus and ultimately decide on choosing them to represent me. Good luck!”




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The government’s Innovate UK recently funded our Virtual Lawyer project. This is an automated free web tool that helps employees who can’t afford to pay for a lawyer to create legal letters and other documents. 

The legal letters are designed to help individuals stand up to being badly treated at work in these coronavirus times. You can try the prototype here.

Top universities including Imperial College, UCL, and The University of Surrey are partnering with us to explore cutting-edge research into Virtual Lawyer, specifically in the field of data science. 

We also work with a number of charity partners who provide free legal advice via our tools, including University House Legal Advice Centre and Working Families.

Our work in this field has been recognised by the Law Society who declared us the winner of the 2021 prestigious Excellence in Technology and Innovation award.



Whether you have been unfairly dismissed, discriminated against, made redundant or otherwise treated badly at work, Monaco Solicitors are here to help make sure you get a fair deal.

Contact us to see whether we can offer a free consultation or a paid consultation to assess your case for a No Win No Fee increase in compensation.

For those who prefer to DIY, we have published the best free resources of any UK law firm, including:

Letter writing tools

Written guides

Document templates





We represent clients right across the UK, as we’re able to carry out all communications via phone and email. If it is necessary to travel to courts and tribunals, we’re more than happy to do so.


No conflict of interest

You can rest assured that, because we represent individuals only, there is no conflict of interest. This is in contrast to most law firms, which represent businesses and other organisations too. They are naturally incentivised to stay on good terms with your employer because one day that company may become their client.



For most people, joining the team here at Monaco is a breath of fresh air. With a relaxed and mature working environment, we encourage creativity and innovation and can accommodate a variety of work patterns including full remote and flexible working.  See our current vacancies here.