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Our mission

We are experts at negotiating with employers to get employees a fair settlement agreement deal.

Whether you need to find out how much you should get, to actually negotiate a deal, go to an Employment Tribunal or just get your settlement agreement signed, we're happy to help.

Our instant settlement agreement calculator, free employee guides and specialist legal letters on this website should also help you to understand more about your situation, and ensure a fair outcome.

Our clients:

Our clients are individuals seeking to leave their UK job with a fair exit package. Often they have been treated badly by their employer. Our clients are normally employees, but they could be entrepreneurs, managers or directors.

Types of Case:

We deal mainly with disputes at work or redundancies. Disputes can include: unfair dismissal, notice periods, bonuses, commissions, discrimination, bullying, share options and more.

About our team:

We are a specialist team of solicitors and barristers who practice exclusively in employment law. We are the most experienced team of its kind in the UK and whilst we are based in London, we represent clients by phone and email across the country.

How we can help:

We can advise you on whether you're getting a good deal. We can review and sign your settlement agreement. We can negotiate with your employer for a better deal for you, or guide your hand in negotiations. And we can go to court for you if necessary.

Your team of Solicitors

You will be put through one of our specialist solicitors, we are all highly experienced and we don't use trainees or paralegals to handle your case.

Negotiating Settlement Agreements

We start by taking detailed instructions from you, then calling and/or writing to HR on a ‘without prejudice’ (meaning ‘off-the-record’) basis. Sometimes we would recommend sending an open letter or grievance too. If your employer will not settle amicably, then we can help you to issue a tribunal claim with minimum fuss. But before it gets to that stage, most cases settle out of court, especially if expectations are realistic. Learn more about how to negotiate your settlement agreement in our free negotiation articles here.

Signing Settlement Agreements

If you have a settlement agreement document that you are happy with, then you can have it reviewed and countersigned by us to make it legally binding. By custom and practice, the invoice from us is paid directly by your employer, so we will never charge you for this service.

Conducting Employment Tribunals

If you have to fight a claim because your employer won’t give you a decent settlement agreement, then it is important to get the tribunal claim form right, as this is the key document setting out your case. We can take care of everything for you, including the advocacy at the tribunal hearings. Also remember the very strict 3 month time limits for most claims. Read some of our articles on tribunals here.

Multiple Redundancy

If you are a group of employees facing multiple redundancies, or if you are representing such a group, and you want to hire specialist settlement agreement solicitors in London or further afield, then you have come to the right place. We can attend the company site and speak to large groups of employees, or advise employees by phone or email. Clients love our swift turnaround time and competitive fees, but above all you can rely on our independence as we do not represent employers.

Our free legal letters to download

Settlement Agreements

Our settlement agreement templates (also known as compromise agreements) are fully up to date and compliant with the Equality Act and all other relevant legislation. Remember that each case is different, so each settlement agreement will tend to be different too.

Without Prejudice Letters

‘Without prejudice letters’ are a type of confidential or off-the-record letter, which set out the amount of money you are asking for and why. A good one can result in a decent settlement agreement, but a bad one can alert your employer to the fact that you don’t have a lawyer, so its important to get these right.


These grievance letter templates and examples will really help you to secure the settlement agreement deal which you are hoping for. Currently we have five different grievance letters, which you can chop and change to suit your case.

Tribunal Claims

These templates are examples of the details of claims for the ’ET1′ forms, used when you want to issue a claim in the employment tribunal. Most people just fill in the details on the form itself, but lawyers use a separate document to set out the claim details. This is also known as a ‘particulars of claim’ or ‘grounds of complaint’ document.


Champagne is my new water!

“Champagne is my new water!!!!!!! I have not felt that good in months! Many many thanks!” (Our team managed to negotiate a valuable increase in settlement agreement value within around 48 hours with a particularly vicious head of HR on the other side, and a history of bullying by our client’s line manager.)

Jane Weill

Restructured my settlement and saved lots of tax

Your team restructured my settlement agreement so well that it ended up saving me lots of tax. A lot more people would seek out this help if they knew it was there.

Jonathan Maher

Were genuinely interested in helping

Your team knew what they were talking about and they were genuinely interested in helping me. They were the only ones who made it very clear that if there wasn’t a case, they wouldn't be able to help me. They took time to listen to what I was saying and understand the complexities of the situation. If it wasn’t for you, I d have had a full breakdown.

Susan Hoffman

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