Abinaya Kulasingam

Trainee Solicitor


"As a trainee solicitor, I have an insatiable passion for justice and my core values lie within helping others. Employment law, to me, is not just a profession; it's a commitment to upholding justice and ensuring every individual's employment rights."

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Career History and Qualifications

Monaco Solicitors, Trainee Solicitor. 2024 to date

Aston University. Law LLB. 2020-2023


About Abinaya Kulasingam

My passion for employment law stems from a deep-seated belief in the importance of fair and equitable workplaces. Employment law is a dynamic field, so my knowledge about it is continuously expanding. My legal educational background has also helped me grow and tackle this complex area of law.

I have great communication abilities whether verbal or written, whilst avoiding legal jargon and sticking to simplicity. I am highly organised and a great team player which helps me to work well with others. My emotional intelligence allows me to help individuals in this emotional rollercoaster field of law; being compassionate also helps me build a foundation of trust.

My experience as a tutor and teaching assistant, as well as many team situations I have been a part of through my sporting achievements, enables me to transfer my key skills and understand the importance of working with others.

I have provided legal advice to clients and helped navigate them through their legal journey such as discussing negotiations, settlements and bringing to light their legal rights.



What our clients say

Ela Duka"Really kind helpful and keeping me informed all the time"

"Abinaya has been really kind helpful and keeping me informed all the time through all the processes. I couldn’t recommend more. Monaco Solicitors have been keen to help me since the first time I contacted with them. Thank you so much for your help"

Reena De"Listened with compassion and professionalism"

"I had a time sensitive contractual problem at work that I needed advise on to see where I stand. Abinaya didn’t have any availability on the day but made time for me on the same day when I mentioned it’s time sensitive. She equipped me with the legal knowledge I needed to defend myself against absolute rubbish. I got the positive outcome I needed! All because Abinaya made the time for me, listened with compassion and professionalism. So grateful!"