Privacy, Terms & Conditions

    This policy describes how Monaco Solicitors will use data that may be collected by your use of this website. Additional obligations will apply if you become a client of the firm, which will be set out in a client care letter at the start of the engagement.

    Data Protection

    Monaco Solicitors takes your privacy extremely seriously and we have professional obligations to keep your information confidential.

    We strive to comply with data protection legislation such as the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. Any data collected to enable us to provide our service is fairly and lawfully processed; it is the minimum necessary; it is secure, and there are confidentiality protections in place for our use of third party cloud based IT systems.

    Like all law firms, we use third party software from tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, OpenAI & Grapple to work on your matter. They have terms of use intending to safeguard the  confidentiality of your data. They may also use artificial intelligence in their software, and again they have terms of use about confidentiality. You can request at any time that specific tools are not used for your matter. 

    Whilst your identifiable personal data will only be used for your matter, as a firm we may make use of anonymised data to improve our services for all future clients.

    We have an SSL certificate which is why you see our web address as The part which says https:// means it’s a secure server and everything sent to and from the site is encrypted and is much harder to hack.


    Email Tracking

    We use email tracking technologies to enhance our communication and services. This enables us to understand if our emails are opened and which links are clicked. However, it doesn’t grant access to your personal email or other personal information. The collected data helps us improve our content and is not shared with external organisations. If you wish to opt out of email tracking, please email us at


    Cookie Policy

    Nowadays everyone has a cookie policy but no one really understands what they are. Cookies are small files of data held in your computer’s browser (eg Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

    On example of cookie use is the use of  Google Analytics whereby Google measures things like numbers of visitors to the site and amount of time spent on site. We also track back user journeys through our website to see what they do. This is so that we can continuously improve our website.

    For example, if we spot a pattern whereby most people who eventually become our clients all spend a long time on a particular article or document page on our website, we then spend time improving that page. This benefits all employees because the information on our website is second to none. If you wish to opt out of our Cookies policy just email us on


    Advertising Policy

    We do advertise using services such as Google Adwords and Bing which display two kinds of adverts. One is the simple advert at the top of the Google results page which you can click on to get to our website. Another is ‘display’ advertising, also known as ‘remarketing’. This means you may see our adverts on other websites which you visit. This is done by the use of a Cookie which your browser collects from our website and then it effectively tells the other website to display one of our adverts to you. Such Cookies are anonymous and not hold any personal data about you. If you wish to opt out of our advertising policy just email us on



    We like to keep employees posted about negotiation tips & hints, as well as employee rights updates which may affect you. To this end, if you have contacted us and given us your email address then we tend to send you a newsletter every month or so. If you wish to unsubscribe just click the button in the email or email us on on