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Senior Employment Solicitor


"The quest for promoting equality and diversity for employees runs through my veins. I have always had a passionate interest in employment law and I've successfully practised it since 2003."

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About Sundeep Bhatia

I have always had a passionate interest in employment law, ever since my days as an undergraduate in the 1980s. To practice employment law in my professional life has been a dream, and one I have achieved since 2003.

I have since then represented employees and workers and have settled disputes with their employers both inside and outside of the employment tribunal and via ACAS.

I have advised clients on settlement agreements and disciplinary procedures and have helped them to make their voices heard by working with them to raise grievances, settle disputes via ACAS, and bring proceedings at the Employment Tribunal.

The subject matter of all those interventions has been vast, covering unfair dismissal, all forms of discrimination, breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, transfer of undertakings, and whistleblowing.

The quest for the promotion of equality and diversity is paramount for me and I have been heavily involved in its promotion in the legal profession since 2005.

I was on the committee of the Society of Asian Lawyers from 2005 to 2014 and was its Chair from 2008 to 2010. The Society fights for diversity within the legal professions and for the legal rights of the communities that it serves.

I was a Member of the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity committee from 2010 to 2016.

From 2010 to 2021, I represented ethnic minority solicitors on the Law Society Council, which is the ‘Parliament’ of the solicitors’ profession.

I have been a member of the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee, from 2010 to date.

I am also an Accredited mediator, trained by the world-famous Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution. That is an additional skill, alongside my training as a solicitor, which makes me adept at settling disputes at an early stage of proceedings.


What our clients say

Christopher Clark"Sundeep was responsive and thorough"

"I had a really positive experience with Sundeep Bhatia. Sundeep was generous with his time pre-instruction and instantly made me feel more at ease with what was a stressful situation. He gave me a few options regarding our terms of engagement, which was helpful. Once engaged, Sundeep was responsive and thorough and helped me come to a satisfactory conclusion with my employer."

Anna Shepherd"A genuine compassion and empathy for his clients"

"Sundeep Bhatia sets himself apart in terms of both his professionalism and his incredible knowledge of employment law. Sundeep is a fearless and formidable lawyer who has the rare art of being able to combine these attributes with a genuine compassion and empathy for his clients driven by his solid and robust understanding of employment law and his relentless pursuit of the facts. To sum Sundeep in a sentence would be to say: an extraordinarily competent and extremely fast thinking individual who genuinely cares and invests in his clients. A diamond in law."

Heligan"Sundeep was knowledgeable, clear and supportive"

"I was extremely grateful for the support of Sundeep Bhatia through a complex situation. Sundeep was knowledgeable, clear and supportive. He helped me to form an effective plan of how to proceed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sundeep’s services for anyone navigating similar."

Cari Meredith"Sundeep has been fantastic on every level"

"Sundeep has been fantastic on every level. He was extremely empathetic towards a very sensitive case. Professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Highly recommended."

Darren"First class"

"The assistance offered by Sundeep was first class. Advice was straightforward, easy to understand and his manner was excellent."

Stephen"Excellent service that tackled a tough situation"

"Sundeep was a caring and sensitive listener and took instructions just as intended, often helping me think through parts of my situation that I would otherwise have been completely unable to deal with. I had been overwhelmed by the situation I was in and Sundeep was a lifeline. I am incredibly grateful for his consistent, calm, sensible and realistic approach."

CD"Great support and outcome"

"Sundeep was very supportive through the whole process. He negotiated a more beneficial outcome for me based on my personal circumstances. I highly recommend Sundeep."

Charmaine"Great outcome! I highly recommend"

"Monaco Solicitors, in particular Sundeep Bhatia provided clear, consistent advice and acted promptly to new information which ultimately resulted in a great outcome! I highly recommend Sundeep and the team at Monaco. Thank you Sundeep."

Karla"Incredible support and advice."

"My advisor really listened to my situation and tailored the next steps for the most effective outcome. My advisor worked tirelessly and even whilst on leave to ensure that my case was dealt with professionally and in a timely fashion. I went into the situation extremely stressed but my advisor Sundeep was truly compassionate and a great support throughout. I would highly recommend Monaco for employment needs."

Sandy Bruno"Very professional individual"

"Sundeep Bhatia is a very professional individual, he went above and beyond to deliver an excellent service which resulted in winning my case."

Cora"Highly Recommended"

"My case was handled by Sundeep Bhatia and he really understood my case, he listened, got all relevant information and discussed the possible courses of action. He spent time to carefully explain the clauses on the legal documents. I would highly recommend Monaco Solicitors and Sundeep."

Robert Bailey"Very professional"

"Sundeep was very professional but also explained things simply for me to understand. He was in contact with me at all times and was very clear when explaining my rights as an employee."

Customer"Brilliant company, highly recommended"

"I worked with Sundeep recently and cannot the fault the service I received. Sundeep was very prompt at turning around my requests, made complex legal jargon simple in explaining it, no hard sell and I got the service and support I needed. Would highly recommend Sundeep and his firm."

Steph"Confident and knowledgable"

"Sundeep dealt with my issues sensitively and with confidence. He was highly knowledgeable and worked a pace. He dealt with a lot of back and forth and nothing seemed too much for him. A seasoned professional and exactly what you’d expect."

Chris M"Efficient and Experienced"

"I instructed Sundeep to carry out my redundancy process confirmation. He was extremely helpful and always made himself available during a very short window of time. It was easy to get in touch via the form, and the response was almost instantaneous from the firm. Would recommend both the firm and Sundeep to friends and colleagues in the future."

Leon Mills"Clear, Concise, Honest"

"Clear, concise, honest and wants to achieve the best outcome. If that's want you're looking for in a solicitor. Sundeep and Monaco Solicitors is for you. Sundeep is not there to make money out of you or tell you want you want to hear. He wants the best for you within the law. He's pragmatic and direct. He helps simplify a very complex situation for me and achieve what I needed to resolve it. I would recommend him to anyone facing a HR related challenge."

Louise"Worked wonders"

"Sundeep answered all my queries in a timely manner, even worked on my case when he was on holiday due to the timings involved. Very professional and worked wonders with my previous employer."

Stephen E"Top-notch guidance"

"Sundeep was a star! He gave me clear advice on my options in an employment case and was professional throughout. Thoroughly recommended and more cost effective than some other options. Some advice to customers: do your maths carefully to see if the 'No Win, No Fee' option is a better option than paying by the hour or a fixed, project-based fee."

B Smith"Highly recommend"

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Monaco Solicitors. I had the good fortune of being represented by Sundeep, who handled a complex case for me in a relatively tight timeframe. I appreciated his professionalism and the speed at which he familiarised himself with the details of my situation. I knew I could trust him to help me achieve the best possible outcome - and he did! Thank you Sundeep and all support staff at Monaco."

Gurpal Singh"Excellent"

"Sundeep was clear, concise and professional with his work. We achieved the outcome we wanted and i would recommend him to others seeking help with settlement agreements."

Sharon Wright"Sundeep has been such a great adviser"

"Sundeep has been such a great adviser and was so friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help, including contact out of hours. Highly recommended"