Simrath Singh

Trainee Solicitor

"Being a trainee solicitor enables me to provide access to justice to employees in real need. My fast-growing knowledge of employment law means I can work with clients every day to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. "



Brief History


I Graduated at the University of Law, with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2022, As a trainee, I now have an extremely rewarding role which promotes my personal growth within the industry, whilst being supervised by senior solicitors every step of the way.

Graduating from the University of Law, with a Bachelor of Laws degree – 2022

Following the SQE training route – to-date



What our clients say

Jade Polyviou"Amazing from start to finish"

"I was lucky enough to be appointed Simrath Singh to deal with my case, she was amazing from start to finish. Her in depth knowledge and expertise put me at ease instantly, and she not only enabled me to move forward with her caring and supportive manner, but she also empowered me to seek justice for myself.I greatly appreciate her help and a massive thank you to her."