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Whether you need a settlement agreement signing, a negotiation or a tribunal

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Settlement agreement signing is at no cost to you

Negotiate a settlement

We aim to carry out negotiations on a No Win No Fee basis


Tribunals are a Fixed Fee and No Win No Fee combination

Tell us about your case and receive a clear and concise fee plan to fit your circumstances

No obligation consultations

We have developed innovative techniques for helping our clients obtain fair outcomes

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We aim to offer No Win No Fee if possible

If No Win No Fee is possible, your lawyer will explain your journey

Otherwise, we will provide you with a competitive quote

We will review and sign any settlement agreement at no
cost to you.
Your employer will cover this fee

How we communicate our fees



Enquire now and we will let you know within 1 working hour whether we can offer you a free consultation or a paid consultation to get you started.
Paid consultations range from £180 – £660 depending on your case.
Free consultations are free and last for up to 10 minutes.
Either way, initial consultations are no obligation and are to assess the suitability of your case for a no win no fee.


No Win No Fee representation

For representation in negotiations, we aim to offer No Win No Fee – aiming to conclude negotiations successfully and at the highest value.
We’ll let you know in your initial consultation whether we can take your case and why.


Settlement agreement signing

If you have a settlement agreement document we will review and sign it at no cost to you – employers always pay for this service – we will also guarantee you a free consultation.



Employment Tribunal cases are conducted using a combination of No Win No Fee and Fixed Fee.


Legal expenses insurance

You may have legal expenses insurance (LEI) under your household contents insurance – check your policy.
If you do have cover, we can represent you at no cost to you. We can also help you activate the cover in your policy.

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You can rest assured you’re in good hands – we won the 2021 Law Society Award for Excellence

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