Constructive dismissal settlement negotiations: A video case study

    This page presents a video of a Monaco Solicitors’ client interacting with our Senior Partner, Alex Monaco, about a real-life constructive dismissal case.  The client was happy to allow us to record the conversations.

    The client’s case

    The client’s employers were trying to pressurise him to relocate or else to travel significant distances to get to a different work location from the one specified when he joined the company.  The situation was such that the client felt he would have no choice but to resign – a really good example of a legal case of constructive dismissal.

    The case study video

    In between the recorded phone calls with the client, Alex comments on the case and explains to us what’s going on. In particular, he highlights the significance of the client doing/saying the right thing at the right time when negotiating a settlement agreement with his employers.

    Through the interactions between our client and Alex, the video gives you numerous practical examples and tips about relocation issues and how to negotiate your own settlement agreement in a constructive dismissal case. It also explains how Without Prejudice correspondence can be effectively used in such a case.

    Other related information sources

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    Next steps

    If you are being treated badly at work and getting to the point where you feel you have no choice but to resign, don’t resign before speaking first with Monaco Solicitors!

    If you have a case of constructive dismissal, we may be able to help you negotiate a fair settlement or to improve any offer that may already have been made.

    We are specialist employment solicitors who only ever represent employees.  We don’t do work for employers.  We are only on your side. Our experienced legal team have between them successfully handled hundreds of constructive dismissal cases like the one featured in the video here.

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