Settlement Agreement Calculator

Settlement Agreement Calculator

The settlement agreement calculator gives you an instant automated calculation of the value of your potential settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement).

Case feature breakdown

Add one month's pay increase for over 1000 employees, and half a month for over 100, because bigger companies tend to want to settle cases more.

Add half a month's pay increase for each age group over 50, because it's harder to find a job if you're nearing retirement age, therefore you would get more compensation if successful at an Employment Tribunal.

A slight increase for number of years worked, simply because you've probably forged more loyalty from your employer work, and your level of knowledge about the company might be greater too (and therefore more valuable).

Half a months money decrease for this, as no doubt your employer would try to use this against you (regardless of whether it's justified or not).

Half a month's money increase for this as it is possible that your employer would be willing to pay you a bit extra to leave so that you are not using up their sick pay.

Add a month's money for the purposes of this calculation, (but discrimination is highly dependent on evidence in practice).

Add half a month's money increase for this, as it shows that you are serious and have something to argue about.

We also take into account your current employment status in the formula.

Next steps

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