Meet Our Solicitors - Settlement Agreement Lawyers - Monaco Solicitors

Alex Monaco

Solicitor-Advocate (All Higher Courts)

“As an advocate of employee rights, I believe all employees deserve access to justice.”

Will Burrows

Senior Associate Solicitor

“Knowing that I've helped a client achieve a higher settlement figure gives me great satisfaction.”

Lorna Valcin

Senior Associate Solicitor

“I believe in putting employees in a position of power – I'll help you to achieve the result that's best for you.”

Nicola Welchman

Senior Associate Solicitor

“Building a rapport with clients is crucial. A clear understanding of their predicament helps me strategise.”

Chris Hogg

Senior Associate Solicitor

“I enjoy helping clients through a difficult time, minimising their stress while delivering the best outcome.”

Andra Saunders

Senior Associate Solicitor

“I am passionate about all individuals having access to justice and have chosen to act only for employees.”

Reena Sharma

Senior Associate Solicitor

“While diligently striving for justice, I work hard to uphold the employment rights of all my employee clients.”

Ellie Reeves

We’re proud to say that Ellie Reeves, one of our very own lawyers here at Monaco Solicitors from April 2016 to June 2017, is now MP for Lewisham West and Penge. After seeing her in action on our employment law cases, we’re excited to see what she can achieve in Parliament.