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Treated badly at work?

In addition to our traditional legal services we offer ‘Virtual Lawyer’, a technology-driven letter service, partly funded by an innovation grant and backed by our extensive legal expertise.

£120 bespoke letter template
What you get:

Customised letter template based on the information you provide

Completed by one of our caseworkers ready for you to add your facts

Review from one of our experienced employment lawyers

You complete this form, based on which we prepare a settlement offer letter, asking the employer for compensation. This will be sent ‘without prejudice’, so it’s off the record, and will set out your legal case against your employer and outline what you’re seeking (e.g. notice pay, a lump sum, an agreed reference, etc). 

You can read more information on ‘without prejudice’ letters here. Please note that this letter will be written as coming from you and will not be on our letterhead.

We will send the draft letter to you to review and amend. There will be parts where you will need to add more information. You then send it back to us and one of our lawyers will review the complete letter. The letter is then ready for you to send to your employer.

We’d suggest you check this ‘Do I have a case’ guide before purchasing this service. If there’s no case at all, we won’t be able to prepare an offer letter for you and won’t be able to offer a refund.

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