Fees for representation by specialist employment lawyers

Free Initial Consultations

We do not charge for a short phone consultation with one of our team of experienced specialist employment solicitors and barristers. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed any further, but if you did wish to become our client, we would first send you paperwork to physically sign – there is no possibility of you becoming a client and being charged without realising it. Please request your free consultation here.


We tend to charge a modest percentage of any increase which we negotiate for you, between 5%-20%, depending on the circumstances of your case. This is effectively no win no fee.

If you have already been offered a settlement amount our percentage charge would be on the increase only, not the total settlement figure, so it is extremely unlikely that hiring us as your lawyers will cost more than we can make you. 

However it is normally best to contact us before you have received an offer, because we are able to guide your hand better, the earlier on in the process that we become involved. Plus our percentage fee quoted to you will probably be lower if you contact us before receiving an offer.

If we do not think that we can significantly increase your settlement amount or better its terms we will tell you honestly and not accept your case. We can also offer you competitive fixed fees or hourly rates if you wish. We accept the following credit and debit cards:

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Most clients instruct us to negotiate a fair settlement agreement exit package for them, and this normally takes only a week or two. Not only do you get the benefit of our legal experience and negotiation skills, but our reputation for fighting employment tribunals is well known to employers. In fact, 95% of our clients end up significantly better off after we represent them.

Settlement Agreement Review and Signing

We can review and sign your settlement agreement document for no cost to you, as we invoice the employer directly for this service. By custom and practice, we would send the employer an invoice addressed to you, but marked ‘payable by’ the employer. Get in touch for confirmation that we would not charge you any more than that provided for by your employer.

Unfortunately your employer won’t pay for us to actually negotiate against them, so that is a different service, and our fees for that are set out above. What we will do within the signing fee, however, is tell you whether we think you are getting a good deal or not.


We are experts at attending employment tribunals and undertaking the advocacy on your behalf. Of course we can simply provide advice if you prefer, or assist with the preparation of case documents for example witness statements. Its necessary to understand the details before setting a fee structure, as tribunal cases vary so much, but they do tend to be expensive and we tend not to do these on percentages. This is because they are often very long and uncertain.

Legal Expenses Insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance (which is often an add-on of your home contents insurance), then you may be able to claim against your policy for the cost of hiring us as your employment lawyers. We have represented many employees with legal expenses insurance, so get in touch to find out if this could apply to you.

Legal Letter Templates

Help yourself to our selection of free legal letter templates, including grievance letters, without prejudice letters, ET1 tribunal claims, and settlement agreement templates. Click here for the templates page.

Next steps

If you want to talk to us about your work situation, including your next steps and whether you deserve a better deal, just get in touch on 020 7717 5259, 0800 533 5134 or click here to request a free no obligation 15 minute consultation.