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It’s simple to request a free consultation. Just click on the callback button below. We aim to get in touch with you within an hour or so if we can help. Please note that we cannot offer free consultations in all cases.

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No Win No Fee

No win no fee means that we would charge a percentage of whatever deal we could negotiate for you.

We try to offer no win no fee wherever possible because we enjoy working together with you with the same incentives.

This means aiming to settle cases quickly, out of court, and at the highest settlement value possible.

If you already have an offer on the table, then our percentage fee would not apply to that amount. That amount would be ring-fenced, and our percentage would only apply to any additional amount we negotiate for you.

The range of fees is typically between 10-30% of that additional amount. In some cases, such as where there are a lot of documents to be dealt with, we will ask you to pay a fee upfront, for example £500+VAT, in addition to a percentage.


Settlement agreement signing

This is free to you because the employer pays for this service.

When you get a copy of your settlement agreement document, you will see a clause in there about settlement agreement legal costs or fees which specifies the amount which the employer will pay. There isn’t a single fixed fee for settlement agreement signing, because it will vary depending on the complexity of the case, but it’s usually within the range of £250 – £500 + VAT.


Case review from £600

From £600 inclusive of VAT we are able to offer a case review with one of our senior lawyers. This will include up to an hour of reviewing documents, plus another hour spent advising you on the telephone.

Having reviewed your case in this way, we will often be able to offer a no win no fee service.


£180 half-hour telephone consultation

We offer 30-minute telephone consultations for a fixed fee of £180. Some clients want to quickly discuss their situation with a lawyer, and there is no requirement (or time) for documents to be reviewed.


£50 + 10% – representation via our Virtual Lawyer tool

For £50 up front and 10% of any settlement amount, we will represent you via our Virtual Lawyer tool. You can try it for free here. This tool gives you general advice and also helps you create legal letters to send to your employer. You can use it yourself for free, or we can send the letters for you for £50 + 10%.

This is an automated service, so we do not check the letters for you, and there is no lawyer assigned to your case. However, the tool has been created by our expert lawyers and will help you to get a settlement. To specifically request this service please use our dedicated contact form here.


Hourly rates

Our standard hourly rates vary from £300-420 per hour, inclusive of VAT. These rates are available to everyone.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may have legal expenses insurance (‘LEI’) under your household (or other) insurance policy, which will pay our bills directly, so you don’t have to. LEI is often an add-on for around £2 per month, which you may not even remember purchasing.

If you do have it, we can assist with getting cover in place, which is often not straightforward. Most policies cannot be used at an early stage (such as negotiating an out of court settlement) but can be used to present Employment Tribunal claims and cover ongoing representation costs.



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When to instruct us to negotiate

When negotiating it is best for us to be involved as early on in the process as possible, so we can guide you and get the best outcome for you.

If we do not think that we can significantly increase a potential settlement amount, we will let you know during your free consultation.



It’s necessary to understand the details before setting a fee structure, as tribunal cases vary so much, but they do tend to be expensive and we tend not to do these on purely no win no fee. This is because they are often very long and uncertain. Read here about typical fees for an unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal claim.

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