Raising a grievance at work – Monaco Solicitors


If you have a problem or complaint at work you might want to take this up formally with your employer. This is called raising a grievance. Raising a grievance is a difficult step to take. It means putting your head above the parapet and making your employer aware of serious issues. It will nearly always make you fear the repercussions, whether directly in terms of an immediate backlash, or indirectly in terms of future impact on your career.

In practice,  employers very rarely react negatively to a grievance in the first instance, at least on paper. They will usually follow their grievance procedure, or the ACAS Code of Practice on grievances and attempt to deal with your complaints. They will rarely admit  that any of your complaints are justified however.

Before raising a grievance, you should ask yourself: ‘what am I hoping to achieve by doing this?’  Below we consider circumstances where raising a grievance is a good idea, and indeed where it is a bad one.