The Express online reports Alex Monaco on vegan discrimination at work

    The Express Online June 2019

    features our own Alex Monaco on vegan discrimination at work:

    ‘Vegan activist CONDEMNS workplace tea round as ‘DISCRIMINATION’

    Vegan activists have condemned the traditional workplace tea round as
    “discrimination”, and say that their dietary choice means they should all be exempt from it.

    By Carly Read


    Alex Monaco has criticised the act of vegans being forced to handle cows milk for the sake of the office tea round. The lawyer and vegan activist said putting his fellow vegans in the position of making hot beverages for colleagues is an act of “discrimination”. His claims come at a time when vegan campaigners are demanding the same rights under the Equality Act 2010 to “outlaw vegan discrimination at work”, adding veganism is the same as a religious belief and therefore it meets the same protection.

    Mr. Monaco said: “If you were Jewish or Muslim and told to get a round of bacon sandwiches in, no one would bat an eyelid if you refused. But if you’re vegan and refused to buy a pint of milk to make tea because you believe the dairy industry is torturing cows, then you would be laughed out of the kitchen. Employers should have a duty to ensure vegans are protected at work and are offered options.

    He goes on to offer his legal services to those who feel they – as vegans – have been a victim of workplace discrimination.
    He states “religion or belief” is one of nine protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010. Others include age, disability, race, and sexual orientation. Should an employer discriminate against an employee, it is breaking the law.’

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