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At Monaco Solicitors we believe in redressing the balance of power between the employer and employee. Part of our mission to empower employees is to keep you updated on the latest developments in UK employment law.

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Economic Cycles and Employment Law

In this article Will Burrows looks at the changes we have seen over the last... more

Can Employers Ban Headscarves in the Workplace?

Muslim employee sacked for refusing to remove headscarf in France The law on... more

Can Your Boss Make You Wear High Heels at Work?

credit: Adam Gray “It seems so obviously outdated and sexist I was... more

NEWS: Our Very Own Ellie Reeves is Off to Westminster 

Solicitor Nicola Welchman provides her expert commentary on last week's general... more

NEWS: Brexit Employment Rights Update

How would your rights at work be affected It has now been almost four months... more

NEWS: Theresa May’s Brexit Government – Implications for Employees’ Rights

Radical at least in Tory Party terms Theresa May set out a somewhat radical... more

NEWS: Supreme Court Rules Employment Tribunal Fees Unlawful

In July 2017, in an action brought by the union ‘Unison’, the Supreme Court held that the legislation which required employees to pay up to £1,200 was unlawful on the grounds that it prevented access to justice.

NEWS: Newcastle United Football Club Found Guilty of Disability Discrimination

When Newcastle United midfielder, Jonas Gutierrez, was diagnosed with... more

NEWS: Gender Pay Gap Hits Hollywood Too

House of Cards actor, Robin Wright, has revealed that she won a behind the... more

NEWS: Leeds United Football Club Guilty of Constructive Dismissal

When Brian McDermott was sacked as manager of Leeds United Football club,... more