About Us

Here at Monaco Solicitors we are working for you – we only represent employees, and have never represented the employer in any type of employment case. This is because we genuinely care about upholding the rights of employees and getting all workers the best deal, whatever the situation. We are a friendly team of senior solicitors and barristers who specialise in employment law for individuals.

With over 100 years of experience between us we are perfectly positioned to advise you on your particular case. We’re based in London but regularly represent clients across the UK, as we’re able to carry out all consultations and communications via phone and email. If you choose us to represent you we can save you from the confrontation, stress and overwhelming paperwork an employment dispute can create.

We’ve had almost a million visitors to our website since launching, thanks to the quality, range and depth of the employment law advice that we provide. This information in the form of informative articles, and both official letter and document templates is provided to all employees free of charge because we believe in levelling the balance of power between employees and employers.

Since September 2015, we’ve helped clients achieve increases in their settlement agreements of over £1.2 million, and are dedicated to providing all clients with the best possible outcome.

We want to stand up for your rights and get you the best deal possible.

We work with everyone from employees who feel that they have been the subject of discrimination at work, to clients earning 150k+ who have disputes with their employer about their bonus. We offer a free initial phone consultation after which we will be able to advise you on whether we believe you have a case.

Alex Monaco, Senior Partner and Advocate (All Higher Courts)

Who do we represent?

If you are an individual seeking to leave your UK job with a fair exit package then we can provide the expert representation to get you the best deal possible. To qualify, your income will be from around £20k to £200k, and you could be an employee, an entrepreneur, a manager or a director.

You could be being made redundant, or you might have a dispute at work. Dispute subjects can include unfair dismissal, notice periods, bonuses, commissions, discrimination, bullying, share options among others.

What Do We Do?

  • We can advise you on whether you are being offered a good deal.
  • We can review and sign your settlement agreement.
  • We can negotiate with your employer for a better deal for you, or guide your hand in negotiations.
  • And we can go to court for you if necessary.

We also provide employees with a wide range of free information on the following topics:

Meet our expert lawyers

Chris Hogg

Senior Associate Solicitor

Alex Monaco

Solicitor - Advocate (All Higher Courts)

Nicola Welchman

Senior Associate Solicitor

Will Burrows

Senior Associate Solicitor

Lorna Valcin

Senior Associate Solicitor


Next steps

If you want to talk to an experienced employment solicitor about the details of your case, and find out how we could help you improve your settlement package. Get in touch on 020 7717 5259, 0800 533 5134 or apply for a free 15 minute consultation.