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If you have been invited to a without prejudice meeting, then we can advise you what to do.

We can prepare you for the meeting itself.

We can advise you on how to deal with the without prejudice offer and negotiate a much better deal.

If you have been invited to a without prejudice meeting, this means that your employer is preparing to make you a financial offer to terminate your employment in return for financial compensation in the form of an ex gratia payment and payment in lieu of notice. The meeting can either be called a “without prejudice” meeting, or a “protected conversation”, but in simple terms both mean that your employer taking advantage of a legal device which means that it can discuss termination of your employment with you without the details of the discussion being revealed to a court or employment tribunal. You will be offered a settlement agreement to terminate your employment, which is a legally binding contract which settles all potential claims against your employer in return for a financial payment. This is a very stressful time for any employee and you need to know how to react and what to expect in terms of a fair offer.

You need to get urgent advice on what to say to your employer during the meeting, how to respond to the offer and how much you should expect to receive if you decide to agree to terminate your employment. It is vitally important that you take advice at an early stage and not when you have already accepted an offer below what you can expect to achieve.

Here’s where we can help. We can act for you and deal with your employer directly, either writing to them or over the phone. We will negotiate with your employer and obtain for you the best settlement possible. We will only settle with your employer when you are happy. Because we significantly increase your employer’s offer of settlement in 95% of cases, we will often be able to offer you a fee-structure based purely on our success, meaning no risk to you and no upfront costs.

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Our Solicitor team are all Senior Employment Specialists with years of experience, you won't receive legal advice from any junior or paralegal solicitors.

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We work with everyone from employees who feel that they have been the subject of discrimination at work, to clients earning 150k+ who have disputes with their employer about their bonus. We offer a free initial phone consultation after which we will be able to advise you on whether we believe you have a case.

In 95% of our cases we negotiate a higher settlement

At Monaco Solicitors we only represent employees, and aim to get you the settlement agreement that you deserve, which in the vast majority of cases is more than your employer may initially offer you. If you instruct us to assist you in your case, we can help you achieve the best possible settlement figure

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With over 100 years of experience between us we are perfectly positioned to advise you on your particular case. At Monaco Solicitors all our solicitors are Senior Employment Law Solicitors, we do not hire any junior or paralegal staff. This means you are guaranteed expert advice throughout your case.

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We can review and sign your Settlement Agreement quickly. Usually your employer would pay us to do this so there would be no charge for you.

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