Redundancy: what are my options

How do you negotiate a higher redundancy payout?

Negotiating better redundancy pay for your settlement agreement is often the first thing on your mind when made redundant. This is especially the case when you feel singled out unfairly for redundancy and therefore the standard severance package does not seem like a fair outcome. One thing to analyse is the way that your employer selected you for redundancy because, if for some reason it just doesn’t seem right, it may have been underhand.

Full transcript:

Redundancy, that's very common, companies are actually allowed to make you redundant that's not illegal

and UM you know what you'll find is if you're getting..... being made redundant as part of a big, kind of mass redundancy

it's very difficult to negotiate yourself a settlement agreement or an exit package deal.

Uh, examples include if your whole department is being closed or outsourced to another country

or your whole location is being closed like an office or a factory or something and they're just getting rid of everyone

you know it's very difficult to sort of say look this is unfair or illegal you know I deserve uh, um you know a deal here,

deal here I deserve to be let off with it with the settlement agreement.

However, if it's a bit more selective for example if it's just you going especially but or it might be just a small number of colleagues,

then there are certainly plenty of arguments you can bring to the bear in that process and at any point in that process

you can effectively take your employer to one side.

Suggest that without prejudice meeting or um without prejudice conversation or write them a without prejudice letter

and suggest that you've effectively come to some kind of arrangement where you leave.

Now the good thing about doing this early on in the process is that you're saving them all the management time and effort and obviously the salary

they're paying you as whilst..... whilst this process is kind of being dragged out, it could be a month or
so it could even be more, so, there are benefits of.... of kind of asking earlier on.

And then you're looking at ways that you can perhaps you know make them think about what the process that they're using to select you.

For example you know should you have been put in a different pool with different people

or should other people who are not in your pool have been put in your pool or the people within the pool should they've been criteria?

Or was the scoring itself not objective?

So, lots of different ways you can kind of get in there and you know raise some serious questions.

Because you've got to bear in mind that a lot of redundancies are a sham or fake redundancies,

they're preordained where the employer just wants to get rid of you and they make this whole kind of sham process,

this kind of show or like a sharad around...... around being fair, actually it's all kind of fixed.

So, they're you know literally just making it look like you know it's all..... it's all done objectively they don't really wanted to get rid of you in the first place.

If you can show that you're on to them then you've got a pretty good chance of then looking like a serious contender for a settlement agreement

or an exit package deal.

So, give it a while and at this point if you're being made redundant you've got nothing to lose,

so you might as well try and get yourself a better deal in my opinion.

Thanks very much.