Common types of cases and how we can help you

We are employment law specialist who only ever represent employees, never employers. We represent employees in all aspects of employment law from breach of contract to unfair dismissal.

Full transcript:

Cases, so you're on here, you're looking at the list of cases that we do,

and you're wondering, you know it's your type of case on there?

I mean obviously we do, you know from A to Z or from B to U,

anyway breach of contract to unfair dismissal and everything in between.

But in summary we represent employees only,

so not employers and we are a true employee only firm.

There are other firms out there that claim to be employee only.

But if you actually look into that, they have multiple law firms

and they have other law firms that do employer stuff.

We literally just employee stuff and it's for people who have either left their job or they're leaving their jobs.

By and large the majority of our work is for people who are still at work,

so they're being constructively dismissed.

That's, that's probably the lion's share of what we do or make redundant,

possibly discriminating against

but everything within that and also a lot of people who have left their jobs

perhaps been unfairly dismissed or felt forced to resign,

and within that we're very much specialist in negotiating people an exit package

or settlement agreement which is commensurate with the mistreatment they've received.

So, if you've been really badly treated you know we'd get you a more valuable

settlement agreement, exit package compared to your annual income,

um, compared to someone who's just been sort of a bit mistreated,

who might get you know their notice pay for example paid in one lump sum,

perhaps a tax-free amount as well.

So, we're very much specialists within employee, negotiating settlements

and either leaving a job, if you've already left your job,

um, there's nearly always something that we can do to improve your, your financial settlement

or if you don't have one to get you one in the first place.

If in doubt get in touch with us for a free consultation and actually speak to one of our lawyers

and the team here and we'll happily tell you what your options are.