Are you experiencing sexual harassment at work?

Before embarking upon an exercise to gather evidence to support your case, you must determine what your potential claims are and where the evidence is likely to be found to support these claims.

One “oldie, but goodie” way of keeping a record of ongoing events is by keeping an events diary. To do this simply record the events that you wish to complain about in work whenever they occur, then sign and date the record, either electronically or physically.

Full transcript:

thanks for meeting me this morning Susan
I wanted to talk to you about your
sexual harassment complaint against your
boss month so obviously this is the
second time I've brought this to your
attention so I am really looking to get
this straightened out yeah I've spoken
to Mike and he doesn't really recall any
sort of incident I'm sure it was just a
bit of fun that got taken out of context
I don't know what to do because I pulled
up twice and they just keep saying oh
that Mike's denied it and I just don't
have enough proof or evidence right yeah
it's very common in discrimination and
harassment claims including sexual
harassment claims when I say claims I
mean situations where you could
negotiate settlement as well now
evidence is the key here Susan you've
got to look at whether you've got
anything in writing and it's unusual
maybe you've got some emails yeah
definitely got some emails something
like that and certainly text messages
whether you can get any witnesses as
well yeah yeah there's a girl at work
that's all right okay so anyone that may
have seen that and you can ask them to
give you a statement a written one yeah
written statement confirming what they
saw and it's been more tricky with audio
recordings you know and it's a bit more
sensitive but it is possible in some
situations to use them as well but
certainly get some evidence go back to
employer don't give them a choice you
know and make them do something about it
okay thank you that right okay um well I
knew you'd need more than my word to go
on so what I've got here are emails and
texts from Mike I've got a diary entry
of all those things that's happened over
the last week and months and I've got a
recording I've also got witnesses and
their personal statements so you can
hear them at your earliest convenience
balls in your court