Are you experiencing pregnancy or maternity discrimination?

Maternity and pregnancy discrimination is a very real issue experienced by women across the country. A shocking report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2017 found that 77% of mums felt that they had been discriminated against at work. Of this 77%, only 28% raised this with a manager, 3% submitted a grievance and 1% pursued it in an employment tribunal.

Monaco Solicitors has a huge amount of experience in negotiating settlement agreements for women who have been subjected to maternity or pregnancy discrimination. So what are your rights and how might we be able to help you?

Full transcript:

Welcome back Susan, thank you I hope
you're not too sleep deprived I know my
wife's had a bit of a whirlwind with our
little man Nigel's been great he's been
taking care of half a childcare center
you've been away for a year now we're
and we're not sure you can take on the
same responsibilities that you had
before it seems a bit much we think you
should take redundancy don't worry hey
listen it's gonna be fine you don't need
these jokers in your life we need to do
here is read him the riot act
you've got your rights use them
negotiate yourself a really good
settlement okay get out of there with
your head held high no listen you're
trying to discriminate against me for
falling pregnant and that is illegal now
I'm entitled to return back to the job
that I have before and on no less
favourable terms now I can go but you
better have deep pockets.