Employment law videos

How to negotiate in Without Prejudice & Protected Conversations

Practical tips on how to negotiate an exit from employment when your employer has made an offer to...

Payment in lieu of notice & Garden leave

Be aware of the variations of your notice period... Payment in lieu of notice & Garden leave

Understanding Without Prejudice & Protected Conversations with your employer

Protected conversations are a legal construct that enables your employer to have an ‘off the record’ chat...

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination – How To Achieve a Settlement Agreement

Maternity and pregnancy discrimination is a very real issue experienced by women across the country.

Philip Green & Should Gagging Orders Be Banned?

When you hear about gagging orders it’ll usually be a reference to a confidentiality clause in a settlement...

Ex Gratia Payments – what are they and how can I get one?

In essence they refer to a sum of money paid when there is no obligation or liability to pay it.

Are you experiencing pregnancy or maternity discrimination?

Maternity and pregnancy discrimination is a very real issue experienced by women across the country.

Are you experiencing sexual harassment at work?

Evidence is the key to being taken seriously by your employer when you raise any kind of grievance at work.


How to write a grievance letter

How to write a grievance letter to your employer is an important skill.

Should i write a work grievance or not

The difference between submitting a formal grievance and an informal email may be quite a small difference.

Constructive dismissal real life case study

This video is a first of it’s kind: A real life case study about a constructive dismissal negotiation.

Employment law cases and how we can help you

Our website contains by far the most resources of any employee solicitors’ website in the country.

Employment tribunals: how it all works

Want to take your employer to tribunal but no idea where to start?! I'll give you an overview of the process in...

Discrimination at work: Tribunal or negotiate an exit package?

Establishing discrimination to the tribunal’s satisfaction may be difficult but that doesn’t mean that...

Constructive dismissal: what does it mean?

Constructive dismissal is a complex issue and this comes into sharp focus when you try to negotiate a settlement...

How much should I get in my settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are fairly common when leaving your...

How our settlement agreement calculator works

The settlement agreement calculator gives you an instant automated calculation of the value of your potential...

How to raise a grievance at work and get what you want

If you're unhappy with a situation at work, it might be worth raising a formal grievance – but make sure you...

Performance improvement plans: negotiating an exit package

Performance improvement plans: a blessing in disguise when it comes to negotiating a better exit package from...

Redundancy: what are my options

Negotiating better redundancy pay for your settlement agreement is often the first thing on your mind when made...

Settlement agreement: negotiating a better deal

Settlement agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are fairly common when leaving your...

Settlement agreements: review and sign

Settlement agreements – even if you’ve got one in your hand, there’s more to it than just getting it...

Using evidence in negotiations with your employer

If you're negotiating with your employer, feelings don't really come into it.

Common types of cases and how we can help you

We are employment law specialist who only ever represent employees, never employers. We represent employees in...

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Find out if your settlement package is fair

Prepare for your Performance Improvement Plan review and learn how much you are worth.

Ensure your performance review is handled fairly

Don't be put under pressure by your employer during a performance review. Find out about your rights and make...

Make sure your redundancy is being handled fairly

Unfair redundancy? Know your rights! Ensure you get a fair deal if you're being made redundant.