Tribunals letter and template examples

These templates are the details of claims for the  ’ET1′ employment tribunals claim forms. So when you want to issue a claim in the employment tribunal, you need to fill out an ET1 form. Most people just fill in the details on the form itself, but lawyers and other people in the know actually use a separate Word or PDF document to set out the claim details. This is technically known as a ‘particulars of claim’ document.

The online ET1 form can be quite tricky to use so you may prefer the postal version, but we have written a short guide on how to use the online form here. The templates listed below are beautifully crafted examples of the types of detail you should be including in your claim. This should allow you to chop and change and take inspiration and confidence to put together your own claim document.

ET1 Claim Form: Details of Whistleblowing Claim

Employee, whom worked for less than a year, blew the whistle that the hospital was operating with bad practice. He was later dismissed and brought a claim for unfair dismissal.

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ET1 claim form: race discrimination, breach of contract & withholding commissions

Arabic employee of a big recruitment company was fired, supposedly as he was engaging in a relationship with a client. In reality, this was said so that the boss could receive his commissions.

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ET1 claim form: withholding commissions

Employer withheld commission of employee whom voluntarily left job at an events management company. We eventually claimed all of this back for her.

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ET1 claim form: sales commission structure changed after developing depression

Depression caused employee to be taken off work for a couple of weeks. On return, he found that the company had restructured his commission, which as a sales man, impacted his total pay. He was forced to issue a discrimination against a disability claim (damages to injury to feeling) and breach of contract (unlawful deduction of wages in cutting commission), as when confronting this issue, it was denied that it was done intentionally. He felt although he was forced to resign, therefore, he claimed for constructive dismissal and written statement of employment particulars (not issuing him a contract of employment).

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ET1 claim form: unfair redundancy and equal pay claim

This employee realised that her equivalent male colleague had been paid more than her, giving rise to an equal pay claim. As a way of getting rid of her, she was also nominated for redundancy.

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