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Tribunals letter and template examples

These templates are the details of claims for the  ’ET1′ employment tribunals claim forms. So when you want to issue a claim in the employment tribunal, you need to fill out an ET1 form. Most people just fill in the details on the form itself, but lawyers and other people in the know actually use a separate Word or PDF document to set out the claim details. This is technically known as a ‘particulars of claim’ document.

The online ET1 form can be quite tricky to use so you may prefer the postal version, but we have written a short guide on how to use the online form here. The templates listed below are beautifully crafted examples of the types of detail you should be including in your claim. This should allow you to chop and change and take inspiration and confidence to put together your own claim document.

ET1 claim form: race discrimination, breach of contract & withholding commissions

This employee was of Arabic descent and was fired from a big recruitment company ostensibly because he was having an affair with a client but in reality it was just so his boss could take the credit for all his commissions!

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ET1 claim form: withholding commissions

This employee of an events management company left her job voluntarily and then the employer decided to try to withhold her commissions. We got them back for her in the end though.

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ET1 claim form: sales commission structure changed after developing depression

In this employment tribunal claim form template example, the employee went off work with depression for a few weeks. When he returned, he was horrified too discover that the company had completely changed his commission structure. As a salesman, this impacted his take home pay. When he flagged this up, they denied that it was done deliberately, so ultimately he had to issue this claim for disability discrimination (for damages to injury to feelings) and also breach of contract / unlawful deduction of wages (for the commissions lost). Furthermore he felt he had no choice but to resign, so he has claimed for constructive dismissal as well. And, for good measure, for written statement of employment particulars (not issuing him a contract of employment).

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ET1 claim form: unfair redundancy and equal pay claim

This employee was selected for redundancy when in fact this was just a way of getting rid of her. She also found out that she had been getting paid less than an equivalent male colleague, hence the equal pay claim.

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