The Sun reports Monaco Solicitors’ new book for employees on negotiating exit packages

 The Sun newspaper reports publication in November 2018 of  Resignation Revolution: How to negotiate your exit package like a pro’ by our own Alex Monaco and Will Burrows:

‘Exit strategy employment lawyer Alex Monaco gives his top tips on how to negotiate a fair exit package if you are forced out of a job

There’s plenty you can do to ensure you get the best deal if you’re
forced out of a job:

  • DON’T RESIGN IMMEDIATELY:If you do, you lose an important bargaining chip
    in negotiating a better settlement agreement.
  • DON’T PLAY TOO NICELY:A settlement is not what you ought to get, it’s what
    they owe you for your workplace mistreatment and for forcing you out of your job.
  • DON’T BURN YOUR BRIDGES:You don’t have to hide your feelings but don’t come
    across as too angry as you must remain professional at all times.
  • OFFER SOMETHING BACK: Suggest a confidentiality clause or a smooth handover
    to your successor.
  • BE AWARE OF YOUR THREE-MONTH DEADLINE: Don’t let your negotiations push you
    over the strict three-month time limit for tribunal claims.

Alex Monaco is the author of The Resignation Revolution: How To Negotiate Your Exit Package Like A Pro and founder of #EmployeeRightsDay

Credit: S. Cresswell’

Alex’s book, The Resignation Revolution: How To Negotiate Your Exit Package Like A Pro, is available at £14.99 or Kindle edition £9.99 from Amazon’

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