Monaco Solicitors - T's& C's

Terms and Conditions

Here we attempt to set out our terms & conditions in the most jargon-free yet comprehensive way; if anything is unclear or if you would like further information on any of these points, don’t hesitate to contact us.



You are not a client of Monaco Solicitors unless and until clear terms are agreed in writing. Nothing that you do or say, prior to such agreement in writing, commits you to using our services. This means that by making an initial enquiry, there is no danger that you will receive a bill from us. All the initial work and due diligence on your case is entirely free to you and done at our own risk – in other words if we can’t take your case then you will not be charged a penny.


Monaco Solicitors is incorporated as a limited company, no. 7102813 and we are regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities. Our regulatory details are recorded on the Claims Regulation website. We aim to be an ethical law firm and therefore we hope that you will not have any cause for complaint, but should you wish to complain at any point please contact us in the first instance by emailing If for any reason we are not able to resolve your complaint internally to your satisfaction, then we can refer you to our regulator, the Ministry of Justice.


We at Monaco Solicitors are 100% committed to compliance with all of the Data Protection legislation. Any data collected to enable us to provide our service is fairly and lawfully processed; it is the bare minimum data necessary; it is not kept for longer than necessary, it is secure, and it is not submitted to any other organization.


The materials on this website are intended for your personal use in your own employment law matter,and any other use is prohibited, with one exception: you may reproduce it if only if you credit our name and place a link back to our website. We thank you in advance for accepting this fundamental term of use.


The free advice imparted on this website is written to apply in general terms to most employment law situations, and therefore it would need modification for any specific case. Ideally you would obtain bespoke legal advice before approaching your employer.