15 Tips for Negotiating Settlement Agreements

What to do

1.Keep a written record of everything said verbally / in meetings

2.Try to keep everything to emails

3.Raise it informally

4.Raise it as a formal Grievance

5.Take time off sick if you feel stressed

6.Hope that they offer you a settlement agreement

7.Ask us to help you negotiate a higher sum and tax structure your deal (see our fees)

8.If all else fails go to the Employment Tribunal

Top Tips

Lorna Valcin
  • 1
    Keep a diary of evidence
  • 2
    Flag work issues in writing, but don’t openly request an exit package
  • 3
    See your GP and get signed off sick if you feel too stressed.

What not to do

1.Resign too early

2.Resign too late

3.Tell your employer that you do not want to go to tribunal

4.Tell your employer that you do want to go to tribunal (unless this is said without prejudice)

5.Ask for a settlement agreement before they do

6.Blatantly copy all of your emails onto a hard disk

7.Feel pressured into taking a deal because you are presented with an arbitrary deadline



You might want to get a rough idea of the value of your case by filling in our Settlement Calculator. Also think about getting some legal representation: if you’re armed with some tailored advice, you will not only know which moves to make and which moves to not even think about, but your employer is more likely to sit up and take notice. So if you want to discuss how we could help you to achieve a fair exit package, do get in touch.

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