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Treated badly at work?

In addition to our traditional legal services we offer ‘Virtual Lawyer’, a technology-driven letter service, partly funded by an innovation grant and backed by our extensive legal expertise.

£29.99 bespoke letter template

What you get:

Customised letter template based on the information you provide

Completed by one of our caseworkers

Ready for you to add facts and send to your employer

You input your case details into our form here and we prepare your letter template (which will be written as coming from you and will not be on our letterhead).

Let us know whether you want this to be a grievance or a letter requesting compensation. If you’re keen to stay in your job but want the employer to address your issues, a grievance is more suitable. You can find more information on grievances here

If you’re prepared to leave, or have left, the letter requesting compensation is normally preferable. This will set out your claim against your employer as well as outline what you’re seeking (e.g. notice pay, a lump sum, an agreed reference, etc). Settlement offers are sent ‘without prejudice’ – so they’re ‘off the record’. You can read more on settlement offers here

We’d suggest you check this ‘Do I have a case’ guide before purchasing this service. If there’s no case at all, we won’t be able to prepare an offer letter for you and won’t be able to offer a refund. We may still be able to prepare a grievance in some circumstances, but you’ll have less bargaining power.

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