Grievance letter templates & how to write one

Grievance letter templates:

Below are 14 grievance letter templates which we have adapted from old cases and presented here for you to download for free: Grievance Letter Templates & Examples

Grievance appeal letter: Executive demoted & benefits changed

In response to an employer’s reply to a grievance, this is an example of an appeal letter after an employee was forced to resign.

Grievance letter: Appeal after fraud whistleblowing

This grievance appeal is with regards to an employee whom was victimised for whistleblowing that the company was overcharging customers.

Grievance letter: Flexible working discrimination

In order to look after her daughter, our client, a high-power banker requested a flexible working pattern. As she started working from home, she endured ostracising behaviour from his line manager which made her feel that she had no choice other than to negotiate a good settlement agreement to leave. This grievance letter is a key part of those negotiations.

Grievance letter: Constructive dismissal after TUPE transfer

This grievance letter is about a TUPE transfer, where our client’s employing company merged with another, and he was demoted. He also received rude emails, was bullied and threatened with a PIP (performance improvement plan). The employer's apparent aim was to force his resignation by managing him out: a good example of constructive dismissal.

Grievance letter: Made redundant after making complaint

Line manager at a bank was reported for entertaining clients in strip clubs. When an employee reported this, she was made redundant. This seemed like too much of a coincidence, and as we started to look through the redundancy and alerted them to possible claims of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, they were quick to offer a good settlement agreement.

Grievance letter: Off sick with depression and not given a pay rise

This grievance letter is for an employee of a large telecoms company who had to be taken off work due to depression. After she found that she was passed over for a pay raise the result of this letter was a decent pay-out for her.

Grievance letter: Executive demoted & benefits changed

In this example, the employee was a Director of a large building supplies company and he found his package of benefits was changed unilaterally. He had to quit and submit this grievance to get an excellent settlement package. Possible claims include constructive dismissal, breach of contract & disability discrimination.

Grievance letter: Sales person with commission cut

Without first conferring with him, our client, an English sales manager, had his commission restructured by an American Software Company. The client had the potential to claim for nationality discrimination, constructive dismissal and a breach of contract, and therefore, with this grievance successfully negotiated an exit package and a job to be lined up for him when he left.

Grievance letter: Bullied and discriminated against for depression

Our client’s working life was made difficult when he began to suffer depression. This grievance letter with a without prejudice letter sets out the amount of money our client requests for settlement negotiations.

Grievance letter: Suspended, back injury and equal pay

Our client suffered a back injury due to working too many hours, and therefore had to take time off. Consequently, he was demoted to an inferior role in which he was receiving less than his female counterparts rather than attempting to accommodate this injury. He was later suspended for breaching confidentiality when he attempted to discuss this with his colleagues.

Grievance appeal letter: Discrimination, bullying and constructive dismissal

Whilst on sick leave and in work, our client was bullied, harassed and discriminated against. She therefore raised a grievance and was very unhappy about the response.

Grievance appeal letter: Maternity leave, mishandled return, indirect sex discrimination

On return from maternity leave, it was expected that she worked full time, and no hand over of responsibilities had occurred. This had a detrimental effect on her family life. With the evidence she had of the failure of management to communicate with her and put adequate procedures in place to facilitate her return, she applied for a grievance on the grounds of indirect sex discrimination.

Grievance letter: Bullying and harassment

Due to long term workplace bullying, the client suffered various ill health issues and work-related stress which are detailed in this substantial grievance letter.

Grievance appeal letter: Changes to employment terms and conditions

Without consultation, our client’s job role had been changed. This gave rise to a grievance hearing, which was not upheld. Our client appealed this decision due to the lack of objectivity needed to make a just decision as to their involvement in the redeployment and management of the client’s team that the decision maker allowed with regards to variation of job roles.

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