Free Grievance Letter examples & templates for Employees

Free Grievance Letter Templates & Examples

Free grievance letter examples for you to utilise at work:

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Grievance Letter: Suspended, Back Injury & Equal Pay

Here the client has originally taken time off work with a bad back, actually caused by working too many hours. Rather than help him, they move him to an inferior role with less responsibility. He then finds out that he is being paid less than some female counterparts. When he flags this up, he is suspended for breaching confidentiality! This template grievance also comes with a without prejudice letter setting out how much money the employee is asking for and why.

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Grievance Letter: Bullied & Discriminated Against for Depression

The client was suffering from depression, and rather than try to help, his employer decided to try to make working life hell for him. This grievance also includes a ‘without prejudice’ section letter setting out amounts of money for settlement negotiations.

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Grievance Letter: Salesperson With Commission Cut

In this example, an English sales manager within an American software sales company has had his commission structure completely changed without any discussion. Technically, possible claims here include breach of contract, constructive dismissal & nationality discrimination. With the help of this grievance he managed to negotiate a very favourable exit package, and he even had a job lined up to go to.

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Grievance Letter: Redundancy Appeal for Pre-determined Consultation

A grievance appeal concerning a redundancy situation whereby our client was singled out unfairly. The process was predetermined, the consultation was inadequate and a colleague was unofficially given the nod to take over the job when our client was going to be ‘made redundant’.

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Grievance Letter: Executive Demoted & Benefits Changed

This example carries on from the template above whereby the Director was forced to resign. The employer responded with a grievance outcome letter, and this was the grievance appeal letter submitted by the employee. Again it was a very successful outcome.

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Grievance Letter: Off Sick With Depression & Not Given a Payrise

This example concerns an employee from a large telecoms company who was on long term sick with depression. Whilst off sick she found that she was passed over for a pay rise. This grievance letter resulted in a decent payout for her.

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Grievance Letter: Made Redundant After Making Complaint

In this example, the employer was a bank and the employee was made redundant very quickly after reporting her line manager for entertaining clients in strip clubs. It looked too much like a coincidence, and when we started asking searching questions in this grievance letter about the redundancy procedure, the bank eventually gave a good settlement agreement, having originally been talking very tough through its in-house lawyer. Possible claims here include unfair dismissal and sex discrimination.

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Grievance Letter: Constructive Dismissal after TUPE Transfer

This grievance letter example features an employee with 12 years of loyal service who’s employer merged with another company in a Tupe transfer. He was then sent rude emails, bullied, threatened with a PIP (performance improvement plan) and effectively demoted by having his responsibilities changed. The aim was to force him to resign by ‘managing him out’. Here were wrote an open letter for him to be treated as a grievance and pointing out that this treatment amounted to constructive dismissal.

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Grievance Letter: Redundancy Whilst on Maternity Leave

This grievance letter example is from a case whereby our client was managing a UK branch of an international company, and then when she went off on maternity leave she was made redundant. This was tantamount to unfair dismissal, and we wrote to the employer pointing out the faults in their redundancy process.

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Grievance Letter: Flexible Working Discrimination

In this grievance letter our client was a high powered banker who put in a request for flexible working to look after her daughter. After starting to work from home, her line manager began ostracising her to the point whereby she had no choice but to negotiate a settlement agreement to leave with her head held high.

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