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We have published a book on how to negotiate settlement agreements

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our book from the team here at Monaco Solicitors. Its called ‘How to Negotiate an Employment Exit Package & Settlement Agreement: An Employee’s Guide‘ and its the first and only book on this topic.

We aim to make employment law accessible for all employees across the UK so we are currently providing a limited number of free copies.

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Why did I write this book?

"Until quite recently, the legal sector was very much aligned with the employers, often big corporations, because they were the ones who had the most money to pay the most lawyers. It was very difficult for 'claimant' or 'employee-side' lawyers to earn an honest crust. When the internet came into mainstream use, I was just young enough to catch the Google wave, yet just old enough to have built up a bank of experience as an advocate in the Employment Tribunals. I felt that the internet could enable us to put a great deal of our employment law knowledge on the internet for free and have been working to this end for several years.

This e-book is a constantly evolving compilation of our practical knowledge on the subject, the kind of knowledge which some lawyers like to keep for themselves. Part of my reason for going into the law in the first place was to try to change things like that, so the aim of this publication is to take a first step in levelling-up the playing field in favour of you, the employee.

The ebook is a unique guide which reflects many years' experience gained by some of the leading practitioners in the legal sector. This is a very special group of solicitors and barristers who represent employees only and who I've been privileged to be able to bring together under one umbrella, namely my firm Monaco Solicitors"

Alex Monaco

Solicitor-Advocate & Senior Partner

What will I find in this ebook?

There are five main dedicated and in-depth chapters containing hard-won information from experienced solicitors on the following topics:

  • Negotiating
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Other employment exit situations
  • Settlement agreements
  • Employment tribunals
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