Covid coronavirus: Letter from employee who has had new job offer revoked

(ref: L5)

This letter template is for an employee who has had an offer of employment rescinded. Unfortunately employees have very limited rights in these circumstances but if you have already signed a contract of employment you are entitled to be paid for the notice period required to terminate the contract.

Even if you haven’t got a written contract but you have agreed a start date, you may be entitled to a week’s pay.

You can send the letter below to your new employer to seek compensation. (Please firstly insert the information sought in the [square brackets].)  If they disagree it would amount to a breach of contract and be actionable in the Employment Tribunal.

There is more information in our article about your employment rights during the coronavirus pandemic.

[Letter heading with your name and address]

[Name and address of employer]



Dear [Employer name]

I am writing regarding your recent advice that my offer of employment was rescinded.

As my employment contract is already agreed you are required to give me notice of termination. The notice you are required to give is [insert amount from contract – minimum one week]

I look forward to receiving this payment without delay.

Yours sincerely

[Your full name]



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