Reference letters and settlement agreements

Obtaining References From Your Employer

Can I get a reference letter with a settlement agreement?

Yes – many settlement agreements have a specific clause dealing with references.

If your one doesn’t: ask for one!

The best reference clauses in an agreement will say something like “A reference will be provided upon written request in the form annexed to this agreement at Annex A” or such like. Then there will be an agreed reference attached to the back of the settlement agreement itself, headed “Annex A.”

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To make double sure that only the agreed reference is provided, you can ask for the clause to say that requests for a telephone reference or a questionnaire will be refused and that any prospective employer will be told that only the written reference will be provided. This guards against an employer giving a bad reference on the phone or in a questionnaire.

Top 3 TIPS

  1. Don’t ask for a reference until the last minute
  2. Just job title and dates of employment are fine
  3. References come as standard with any Settlement agreement

Some settlement agreements will just state that a ‘standard reference’ will be provided upon request. This implies a very simple reference with just job title and dates of employment. There is an element of trust here whereby you are relying on your employer not to say anything negative in the reference.

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