NEWS: Our Very Own Ellie Reeves is Off to Westminster 

Solicitor Nicola Welchman provides her expert commentary on last week’s general election result.

One of our fantastic lawyers, Ellie Reeves has been elected as an MP to represent the people of Lewisham West and Penge in South East London.

Our very own Ellie Reeves is off to Westminster 

All at Monaco Solicitors send huge congratulations to Ellie, who will be a brilliant member of parliament and will represent her constituents with the same vigour and tenacity that she has shown acting for her many happy Monaco Solicitors clients over the last 12 months.

We have spent the weekend and the beginning of this working week taking stock of the election results – an outcome unpredicted in the polls. The Tories have had their majority obliterated and the Labour party have made some major strides.  We ended up with a hung Parliament which will probably mean a short parliament and we predict that there will be another election before the year is out.

Employment Rights were not high on the political agenda during the Election Campaign, but the impact of the Brexit negotiations will almost certainly have an impact on our future workplace rights.  The Great Repeal Bill is probably in doubt and we hope that there will be a more positive approach to the Brexit negotiations that will allow access to the single market and safeguard the right of EU workers’ rights.

The various election promises offered some changes to the employment landscape.  With the Conservative Party holding the most parliamentary seats it looks like we will not see an end to the tribunal fees that currently place a significant cost to Claimants in their pursuit of justice.  We can only hope that the Tories will stick by their promise that they will guarantee the  same rights after Brexit as we currently have under EU law.  We hope that with no parliamentary majority there will not be any retrograde legislation that will limit workplace rights.

We expect that some of the Tories’ manifesto promises can be realised – there will be some amendments to safeguard so called gig-economy worker’s rights in line with the recommendation of the Taylor review which is expected to be presented later this year.  There is likely to be no objection across parliament to offer a right to two week’s bereavement leave following the death of a child.  It will be interesting to see how much traction the suggestion of a year’s carer’s leave will have. This was a suggested policy that would allow someone to have the right to take off up to a year to look after an unwell relative and return to their previous role.  However, with no right of pay it is difficult to see that this policy would offer much protection to an employee during a difficult time.   There was also the offer of the funding of ‘returnships’ (essentially higher-level paid internships)  to act as a bridge back to a senior role for experienced professionals who have taken an extended career break.

We will be keeping our ear to the ground on any important changes to the workplace rights and we are certain that Ellie will continue to advocate for employment rights in the House of Commons for many years to come.  Great work Ellie!

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