Preliminary Hearings

  When you get your notice of a Preliminary Hearing, you might be wondering what the heck it is supposed to mean. In practice its mainly an admin exercise whereby a Judge will knock the case into shape and do things like set out a timetable for next steps in the case, including listing the […Read more…]

Redundancy Law and Advice

  Your redundancy settlement agreement may show you that there’s often a big difference between the statutory redundancy payment and the actual payment received. Fortunately the latter amount is often much higher. This is due to discrepancies in the redundancy process whereby managers often get rid of people as personal agenda. To find out how […Read more…]

Offers – who will crack first

In this article, we consider whether you should make the first compromise agreement or settlement agreement offer and why.  To just get a quick idea of the value of your claim, try the Settlement Agreements Calculator. As with resigning, every case is different and so there are no hard and fast rules. In general, however, we […Read more…]


  Anyone who actually resigns due to alleged constructive dismissal will be taken more seriously when negotiating a compromise agreement. The thing about constructive dismissal is that if you are being badly treated but yet you choose to stay in your job, then you can be taken to have accepted that mistreatment, and you can’t […Read more…]

Grievance Letter Examples

The grievance letter example below should give you an idea of the kind of structure and material which a grievance should contain. In practice, most grievances are much longer, more detailed and preferably refer to the legal background more. We offer free grievance letter templates for you to download on our templates page.   [Mr/s x] […Read more…]

Without Prejudice Examples

  We have uploaded a selection of without prejudice letter examples for you to copy for free. Just visit our templates page here.   Here is an abbreviated example of a without prejudice letter just to give you an idea:   11 November 2013 WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear Sirs I write further to my open letter […Read more…]

Redundancy Negotiation: Top Tips

If you are at risk of being made redundant, the chances are you are already thinking about how to get the most out of any potential redundancy negotiation, especially in today’s lean times on the jobs market. There are no quick and easy answers as to how to go about this, but to get a […Read more…]