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Discrimination Overview

Unfortunately discrimination at work is still rife in Britain – even if it is out of sight, it is certainly not out of mind. These cases are much more often settled out of court than at Employment Tribunal.

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Disability Discrimination

The law requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate their employees who have a disability.

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Age Discrimination

If you have experienced age discrimination at work then you may be able to negotiate an enhanced exit package or settlement agreement (also known as a compromise agreement).

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Maternity and Pregnancy Discrimination

A shocking report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that 77% of mums felt that they had been discriminated against at work. Of this 77%, only 3% submitted a grievance.

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Early retirement due to ill health

You may find that you are eligible for early retirement due to poor health if your medical condition means that you can not continue your work. We’ll help explain the rules of ill health early retirement in the UK.

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