Top lawyers have volunteered to help us!

Since issuing this judicial review and it hitting the legal press, we received offers of ‘pro bono’ (read free) assistance from some of the countries top human rights lawyers. If you’re in the legal sector, you know that when these guys offer to represent you at no cost, you jump at the chance. They are as follows:


Peter Oldham QC, from 11 King’s Bench Walk (barristers’ chambers).

Peter Oldham


Patrick Halliday from 11King’s Bench Walk (barristers’ chambers).



Obviously we are also doing this pro bono (not getting paid win lose or draw) so we are over the moon that not only do they see it as a good cause worthy of putting their prestigious names to, but also as a winning case – there’s no point backing a losing horse! So we’re very fired up here at Compromise Agreements Ltd right now. Watch out Vince Cable!




Next steps

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