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The legal letter templates and example documents are listed below for you to adapt for use in your dispute with your UK employer. Just click on the blue sub-heading to view a list of the specific type of templates required.

When completed correctly, your employer will think that you have hired lawyers. which of course makes it much easier to obtain a negotiated exit package, called a settlement agreement or compromise agreement. Select your type of template by clicking on the buttons below or scroll for the full list.


1. Without prejudice letter templates 

These without prejudice letter templates should help you to secure the settlement agreement deal which you deserve. There are three different without prejudice letter template examples, and they are explained below. You can chop and change them to suit your case.

a) Commission & bonus unpaid View template

This template is great to send to your employer when they owe you specific sums of money, such as commission payments or bonus payments, which you can identify in a list. To help focus their minds, why not attach a draft ‘ET1′ employment tribunal claim form – not only does this help to make it more real for them, but it is also useful preparation for you, as you may need to issue a claim if this letter doesn’t produce results.

b) Sham redundancy selection View template

This without prejudice letter template is a polite yet firm letter which was used in a case of constructive dismissal and disability discrimination, prior to the issue of employment tribunal proceedings. It is often good to try to prevent claims before they start, with the suggestion of a reasonable out of court settlement. Possible claims here include constructive dismissal, whistleblowing and disability discrimination.

c) Explaining the tax benefits of early settlement View template

With this without prejudice letter template you can be speaking their language and explaining to the employer why they would make significant tax savings themselves just by agreeing to your without prejudice offer and signing a settlement agreement with you.

d) Sham redundancy – no real decrease in work, bullying, stress View template

This without prejudice letter template concerns an employee who is being made redundant when there is no real decrease in his workload. He had previous complained of bullying and harassment and then singled out for redundancy, when in fact his employer wanted to unfairly dismiss him.

e) Made redundant whilst on maternity leave View template

This without prejudice letter was written by us for a client who was told that she was being made redundant whilst she was on maternity leave (an all too common occurrence unfortunately). The employer tried to misrepresent her job role, saying that she was admin support, whereas in fact her appraisals showed that her role was more managerial. Furthermore she was not put in a pool with other employees, or offered meaningful alternative employment.

f) Dismissed and reinstated on appeal resigned View template

This without prejudice letter template was sent by us for our client who was suspended pending a disciplinary investigation, and then dismissed. He was reinstated when he appealed the disciplinary decision, but then he resigned and issued a claim in the Employment Tribunal for constructive dismissal, on the basis that the employer’s conduct of the disciplinary process was enough to breach the duty of mutual trust and confidence.

g) Request from release from restrictive coventants after whistleblowing View template

In this without prejudice letter, the background is that our client below the whistle on fraud which he discovered, and an investigation commenced. Meanwhile he was offered a settlement agreement of 2 months’ ex gratia pay. In this letter he responds with an offer to accept 8 months’ pay and also writes about the restrictive covenants in his contract of employment, which are too wide. He asks to be released from several of these restrictive covenants, and to have others narrowed in effect.

h) Off sick with stress after bullying by line manager View template

In this without prejudice letter, the background is that client was subjected to bullying by her line manager and adverse comments made both in the office and on Facebook. This, combined with an increased workload, lead her to be signed off sick with stress. She now makes the first move to request an exit with a settlement agreement, asking for an ex gratia payment of 6 months’ salary, but contractual benefits such as notice pay.


2. Grievance letter templates

These free grievance letter template examples will really help you to secure the settlement agreement deal which you are hoping for. Currently we have five different grievance letter templates and examples, and they are explained below. You can chop and change them to suit your case. 


a) Suspended, Back Injury & Equal Pay View template

Here the client has originally taken time off work with a bad back, actually caused by working too many hours. Rather than help him, they move him to an inferior role with less responsibility. He then finds out that he is being paid less than some female counterparts. When he flags this up, he is suspended for breaching confidentiality! This template grievance also comes with a without prejudice letter setting out how much money the employee is asking for and why.


b) Bullied & discriminated against for depression View template

Mr Smith was suffering from depression, and rather than try to help, his employer decided to try to make working life hell for him. This grievance also includes a ‘without prejudice’ section letter setting out amounts of money for settlement negotiations.


c)  Salesperson with commission cut View template

In this example, an English sales manager within an American software sales company has had his commission structure completely changed without any discussion. Technically, possible claims here include breach of contract, constructive dismissal & nationality discrimination. With the help of this grievance he managed to negotiate a very favourable exit package, and he even had a job lined up to go to. Bonus!


d) Executive demoted & benefits changed View template

In this example, the employee was a Director of a large building supplies company, and he found his package of benefits was changed unilaterally. He had to quit and submit this grievance to get a brilliant settlement package. Technically, possible claims here include constructive dismissal, breach of contract & disability discrimination.


e) Grievance appeal letter template View template

This example carries on from the template above whereby the Director was forced to resign. The employer responded with a grievance outcome letter, and this was the grievance appeal letter submitted by the employee. Again it was a very successful outcome.


f) Off sick with depression & not given a payrise View template

This example concerns an employee from a large telecoms company who was on long term sick with depression. Whilst off sick she found that she was passed over for a pay rise. This grievance letter resulted in a decent payout for her.


g) Made redundant by bank after complaining about manager View template

In this example, the employer was a bank and the employee was made redundant very quickly after reporting her line manager for entertaining clients in strip clubs. It looked too much like a coincidence, and when we started asking searching questions in this grievance letter about the redundancy procedure, the bank eventually gave a good settlement agreement, having originally been talking very tough through its in-house lawyer. Possible claims here include unfair dismissal and sex discrimination.


h) Made redundant by bank after complaining about manager View template

This grievance letter example features an employee with 12 years of loyal service who’s employer merged with another company in a Tupe transfer. He was then sent rude emails, bullied, threatened with a PIP (performance improvement plan) and effectively demoted by having his responsibilities changed. The aim was to force him to resign by ‘managing him out’. Here were wrote an open letter for him to be treated as a grievance and pointing out that this treatment amounted to constructive dismissal.

We also wrote a without prejudice letter which goes alongside this grievance letter, so we have set out the without prejudice letter here as well (under the grievance letter if you scroll down in the page).


3. Settlement & Compromise Agreement Templates

Here are 5 different settlement agreement templates (which used to be called compromise agreements), and between them you should have plenty to go on. They are all fully up to date as of 2013, and compliant with the Equality Act and all other relevant legislation. Here we explain a little bit more about each template:


a) Standard Settlement Agreement no.1 View template

This is a simple settlement agreement which most people will be absolutely fine with. Why fix something if it ain’t broken?


b) Standard Settlement Agreement no.2 View template

As above, but a different version, so you can pick and choose.


c) Settlement Agreement with pension View template

This settlement agreement includes a payment into the employee’s pension fund. Its great for ex gratia payments over £30,000 (which are normally taxable) because payments into pension funds are also tax free. Its really for employees nearing retirement age because younger employees won’t be able to access the pension money for a long time!


d) Settlement Agreement with shares & company car View template

This settlement agreement would suit a senior executive employee or anyone who has shares which are going to vest and which they want to negotiate as part of their leaving package. And for good measure the employer in this example has agreed to chuck in the company car too. We only had to twist their arm a little bit for this, as they had behaved very badly!


e) Settlement Agreement in two parts for long garden leave or notice period View template

This is for people who are going on a long garden leave or working out their notice, rather than finishing work straight away. Essentially you sign the first part when originally agreeing to the deal, and then you sign the second part after you have come to the end of your employment. It is supposed to ensure that you don’t do anything bad in between. It is fairly complicated however, and we would urge you to seek advice from Settlement about this.


4. ‘ET1′ employment tribunal claim form ‘particulars of claim’ templates

These templates are the details of claims for the  ’ET1′ employment tribunals claim forms. So when you want to issue a claim in the employment tribunal, you need to fill out an ET1 form. Most people just fill in the details on the form itself, but lawyers and other people in the know actually use a separate document to set out the claim details. This is technically known as a ‘particulars of claim’ document.

The new online ET1 form is in beta testing and it is a nightmare to use so you may prefer the postal version. We have written a short guide on how to use the online form here.

The templates listed below are beautifully crafted examples of the types of detail you should be including in your claim. This should allow you to chop and change and take inspiration and confidence to put together your own claim document.


a) ET1 for whistleblowing View template

This employee had less than one year’s service, but when he was dismissed for ‘performance’ he brought a claim for unfair dismissal due to blowing the whistle on bad practice in a private hospital.


b) ET1 for race discrimination & withholding commissions View template

This employee was of Arabic descent and was fired from a big recruitment company ostensibly because he was having an affair with a client but in reality it was just so his boss could take the credit for all his commissions!


c) ET1 for withholding commissions View template

This employee of an events management company left her job voluntarily and then the employer decided to try to withhold her commissions. We got them back for her in the end though.


d) ET1 for Sales commission structure changed after depression View template

In this employment tribunal claim form template example, the employee went off work with depression for a few weeks. When he returned, he was horrified too discover that the company had completely changed his commission structure. As a salesman, this impacted his take home pay. When he flagged this up, they denied that it was done deliberately, so ultimately he had to issue this claim for disability discrimination (for damages to injury to feelings) and also breach of contract / unlawful deduction of wages (for the commissions lost). Furthermore he felt he had no choice but to resign, so he has claimed for constructive dismissal as well. And, for good measure, for written statement of employment particulars (not issuing him a contract of employment).


e) Tribunal claim template for unfair redundancy & equal pay claim View template

This employee was selected for redundancy when in fact this was just a way of getting rid of her. She also found out that she had been getting paid less than an equivalent male colleague, hence the equal pay claim.



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