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Monaco Solicitors specialises in negotiating settlement agreements (formerly called ‘compromise agreements’) for UK employees looking to leave their job with a fair exit package.

95% of our clients end up significantly better off after instructing us than they were beforehand.

Although based in London, we operate across the UK, and our friendly team of expert employment solicitors is passionate about helping employees; companies don’t have a monopoly on the law.

The free settlement agreement calculator, written articles and legal templates on this website should also help you to understand more about your case, and ensure that you are treated fairly.

If you need to conduct an employment tribunal claim we are also experts in that field too.


Featured in the Independent, the Mail, the FT, the Wall Street Journal & more:

  • The Financial Times & Wall Street Journal reported our ongoing whistleblowing trial on behalf of software sales employees in Central London Employment Tribunal against Reed Business Information which was selling finance software for banks in sanctioned countries such as Iran and Syria – newspaper articles here (FT) and here (WSJ). Read our comment here.
  • The Independent on Sunday reported our Alex Monaco’s constructive dismissal case on behalf of a senior surveyor who allegedly discovered corruption in local government housing schemes across London – newspaper article here.
  • The Mail reported our Tribunal victory of 2 years’ salary for a bus driver who was discriminated against on the grounds of disability when he was dismissed after he was diagnosed with diabetes, even though he could have done his job with medication – newspaper article here.
  • The Lawyer & the Law Society Gazette reported our Alex Monaco’s case against the government for introducing unfair new employment law, as described below, articles here and here.


Settlement Agreement Calculator

Our free instant online settlement agreement calculator tells you roughly how much you should get. Click the button to try this unique tool

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Negotiating settlement agreements

We start by taking detailed instructions from you, then calling and/or writing to HR on a ‘without prejudice’ (meaning ‘off-the-record’) basis. Sometimes we would recommend sending an open letter or grievance too.

If your employer will not settle amicably, then we can help you to issue a tribunal claim with minimum fuss. But before it gets to that stage, most cases settle out of court, especially if expectations are realistic. Learn more about how to negotiate your settlement agreement in our free negotiation articles here.



We are experts at negotiating with employers to get employees a fair settlement agreement deal


Signing settlement agreements

If you have a settlement agreement document that you are happy with, then you can have it reviewed and countersigned by us to make it legally binding. By custom and practice, the invoice from us is paid directly by your employer, so we will never charge you for this service.



Because we are employment law specialists, we can provide the advice over the telephone and by email and within 24 hours


Conducting employment tribunals

If you have to fight a claim because your employer won’t agree a settlement agreement, then it is important to get the tribunal claim form right, as this is the key document setting out your case. We can take care of everything for you, including the advocacy at the tribunal hearings. Also remember the very strict 3 month time limits for most claims. Read some of our articles on tribunals here.



We can help you to save on fees or just assist you with the most important paperwork – as you wish


Legal letter templates

Our free legal document and letter templates can be accessed by clicking on the button below, including Grievance Letters, Without Prejudice Letters, Tribunal Claims and Settlement Agreements. No one else gives away this amount of free advice.



Browse our Grievance Letters, Without Prejudice Letters, Tribunal Claims and Settlement Agreement templates



Multiple redundancy

If you are a group of employees facing multiple redundancies, or if you are representing such a group, and you want to hire specialist settlement agreement solicitors in London or further afield, then you have come to the right place.


Advising groups of Employees


We can attend the company site and speak to large groups of employees, or act by meetings at our office in London or by phone or email. Swift turnaround time and competitive fees, but above all you can rely on our independence as we do not represent employers.


We took the government to court to fight its new discriminatory employment law



The only ones to win from this law are companies who have been proved in court to have unfairly dismissed an employee.

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As featured in The Lawyer and the Law Society Gazette, we issued judicial review proceedings against the government’s cap on unfair dismissal compensation, reduced from £74,200 to one year’s salary.

The cap disproportionately affects elderly, disabled and pregnant employees on lower incomes. Now if you’re dismissed whilst pregnant for example, you will only be able to claim a maximum of one year’s salary, even if you’re out of work for over a year (which you probably will be). So you will have to claim benefits, and the taxpayer will pick up the bill.

There are no austerity savings for Britain here, and the only ones to win from this law are unscrupulous companies who have been proved to have unfairly dismissed an employee. That’s why we decided to fight the government in court in order to overturn this law.




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